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Comfy and Soft Bali Boots
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Men's Extra Wide Slippers
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Tracy Lightweight House Shoe
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New Products
  2. sale
  3. Todd Men's Shoe
    Todd Men's Shoe
    £99.95 £83.29 PLUS VAT
  4. Madrid Leather Multi-Compartment Purse
    Madrid Leather Multi-Compartment Purse
  5. Eco 3-in-1 Leather Balm
    Eco 3-in-1 Leather Balm
  6. Nourishing Shoe Cream
    Nourishing Shoe Cream
  7. Eco Leather Cream Polish
    Eco Leather Cream Polish
  8. Splayfoot Cushioning Pad Set
    Splayfoot Cushioning Pad Set
  9. Instant Leather Shine
    Instant Leather Shine
  10. Leather Stretch
    Leather Stretch
  11. Tom Men's Shoe
    Tom Men's Shoe
    £99.95 £83.29 PLUS VAT
  12. Naples Disabled Badge Holder
    Naples Disabled Badge Holder
    £12.95 £10.79 PLUS VAT
  13. Eco Cleaning Mousse
    Eco Cleaning Mousse
  14. Eco Waterproof Protector
    Eco Waterproof Protector
  15. FeatherTop Cotton Socks
    FeatherTop Cotton Socks
Special Products
  1. Farlow Ladies Shoe
    Farlow Ladies Shoe
    £89.95 £74.96 PLUS VAT
  2. sale
    Foxton Ladies Shoes
    Foxton Ladies Shoes
    £89.95 £74.96 PLUS VAT
  3. sale
    Ferring Ladies Shoe
    Ferring Ladies Shoe
    £84.95 £70.79
  4. Wardale Ladies Shoe
    Wardale Ladies Shoe
    £84.95 £70.79 PLUS VAT
  5. Welton Ladies Shoe
    Welton Ladies Shoe
    £84.95 £70.79 PLUS VAT
Bestseller Products
  1. sale
    Fenwick Ladies Shoe
    Fenwick Ladies Shoe
    £4.80 £4.00
  2. Sadie Ladies Slippers
    Sadie Ladies Slippers
    £39.95 £33.29
  3. sale
    Val Ladies Bootie Slipper
    Val Ladies Bootie Slipper
    £39.95 £33.29 PLUS VAT
About Sandpiper

About Sandpiper

Sandpiper are specialists in extra wide and ultra wide footwear for both ladies and men.

Well known for their super soft leather and high quality manufacturing, Sandpiper can offer supreme comfort for those with problem feet or swollen ankles. The range includes many innovative features including the use of stretch fabrics, additional padding, removable insoles and slippers with the fold-flat feature.

The brand is owned by Oakley Healthcare, a successful family-run business, established over 40 years ago and now based in Northampton.


Customer Service Excellence

At Sandpiper customer service is our number one priority. That is one of the reasons why we have been awarded a "Fashion Customer Service Excellence" award and "Best Extra Wide Fitting Footwear Brand" at the 2020 SME Awards.

We know happy customers are the best advertisement for a brand and that is why Sandpiper staff are always committed to the very best customer service and why we have a history of award-winning service for our customers.


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